• Who We Are

      We are a team of people and companies that are enthusiastic about the future of technology and how it will change our day to day lives. We believe that by creating a vehicle to fund technology startups and connect entrepreneurs together, we can be part of that change.

      With Cvetlo Investments, we focus on investing at the seed stage for startups that need to find their legs. Beyond monetary investment, we provide valuable guidance to help entrepreneurs make a significant impact in the markets they target.

      In Cvetlo Labs, we aim to connect entrepreneurs, developers, and engineers in an environment that facilitates innovation. Our new form of incubator assists startups in pre-funding stages, to help them develop proof-of-concept prototypes. Once developed, we assist the startup in raising funding and going to market through our network of connections in the industry.

      At Cvetlo Media, we are building a network of publishers and new media outlets to help advertisers reach their audiences.
    • Open Positions

      At Cvetlo Media, we are dedicated to finding the best talent in the industry. We look for passionate people looking to take the next step in their careers in the online, mobile, and social media space.

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Vadim Telyatnikov – Managing Partner

A serial entrepreneur, Vadim brings experience managing a team of 40+ focused on managing client revenue as well as experience building scalable technology platforms focused on aggregating and processing large amounts of data to make price optimization decisions.

Prior to Cvetlo, Vadim was the Senior Vice President at OpenX Lift. Ranked #7 in the Forbes Americas Most Promising Companies of 2013 List, OpenX is a global leader in digital and mobile advertising technology, serving four trillion ad impressions in 2012. Before its acquisition by OpenX in February 2012, Vadim was the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of LiftDNA, a digital advertising company focused on managing online publisher ad revenue by making real time pricing predictions for over 10 Billions Ads Per Month.

Vadim continues to nurture his passion for and belief in technology startups today through Cvetlo, by giving seed investments and guidance to energetic entrepreneurs in the technology sector.

Previous to creating LiftDNA, Vadim served as the Director of Ad Operations at, the largest teen site in the US which was acquired by Que Passa (TICKER:MEET).

Vadim is also currently a board member to EasyCopay, a smarter way to pay for prescription drugs; a board member to Independence LED, a LED tube manufacturer; and a founder of Admire Capital, a systematic value and activist hedge fund.


Igor Telyatnikov, Managing Partner

Igor has helped startups and Fortune 500 companies alike gain new accounts and manage relationships with key clientele for over 10 years. Before joining Cvetlo, Igor led West Coast Business Development for LiftDNA. Previous to that, he held multiple roles in the Security Technologies and Systems Integration divisions of Ingersoll Rand (TICKER:IR), where he drove adoption of new electronic technologies.

As a power seller in his early entrepreneurial career, Igor successfully operated and managed a diverse network of content-based and e-commerce websites with over one million monthly visitors.

Igor is excited to help businesses get the resources and alliances they need to succeed in a global marketplace, through his role at Cvetlo.

  • Token replaces keys, credit cards, and passwords.

  • Case is a hardware wallet and security device for the digital age.

  • AlphaPoint helps institutions digitize assets, launch markets, and manage assets with blockchain technology.

  • LiftDNA is the only yield optimization platform to integrate directly into the publisher’s ad server.

  • #1 social media site for teenagers.

  • A U.S. LED Manufacturer that is committed to building the highest quality and most reliable commercial LED lighting products on the market.

  • The better way to pay and save for prescription drugs.

  • An event driven quantitative hedge fund focused on activist and value strategies.

  • helps people save their money and the planet!

  • OpenX is a global leader in digital advertising technology and services, enabling digital media companies to manage and maximize their ad revenue. Our unique platform combines ad serving, a real-time bidding (RTB) exchange, yield optimization, and content valuation to deliver the highest revenue across every desktop, tablet, and mobile screen.

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